Husse Club Income Opportunity.

Is your business or job related to Pets? Are you a Pet Professional? Pet trainer, Pet groomer, Pet walker, Pet sitter, Pet Day care, etc.                                                                    

Regardless of what you do, if you are not selling pet food and pet supplements, you are missing the largest market segments in the Pet Industry.

husse clubPet products sales reached $56.5 B in 2015. Half of those sales came from pet food and supplements!

Husse Club is a unique opportunity for Pet Professionals to add additional sources of income to their current business by profiting from the largest segments in the Pet industry: pet Food, pet supplements and accessories.

Husse is the worldwide leader in home delivery of 100% Human grade, GMO free, Natural Dog and Cat Food. Our products comply with European regulations; therefore, we only offer,Human grade products made with the finest natural ingredients and truly GMO free.

Husse Club allows you to help Pets and make extra money while continue doing exactly what you are doing know……. helping pet owners care for their pets! Husse Club Is the perfect business opportunity for Pet Professionals!

You are already working with pets and pet owners. You are probably providing advice to pet owners about how to ensure their pets enjoy longer and healthier lives. You might even be recommending pet food……..without benefitting from your recommendation.

By joining Husse Club, you are associating your name with the global leader on home delivery of Human Grade, GMO free, Top quality pet food. By recommending Husse you are helping pet owners offer their pets one of the best brands available and you will earn commissions by doing so.

Most pet owners want to do the best for their pets………you can help them

Most pet owners want to provide to their pets the best pet food they can afford, but many people don’t know what’s really in the food they are actually buying. They choose a brand from the shelf and trust the manufacturers claims. However, when pet owners learn how to read an ingredient label and learn what’s really in their pet’s food, they are not only angry, but willing to change for a better choice immediately.

Joining Husse Club is free and offers you:

  • A wonderful boss to work for (YOU!)
  • No employees
  • No complex paperwork
  • NO inventory, NO shipping, NO order processing.
  • Products shipped directly to your customers and if a return is requested, Husse Florida handles all returns.
  • You are in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself
  • You can choose your own hours
  • You can go on vacation and still be making money!
  • Your income potential is endless

Husse is an Extraordinary Home Based Business Opportunity

As a Husse marketing affiliate, you have a decisive competitive advantage because you have the opportunity of offering the best Human Grade, GMO free products. The excellence of each and every product will speak for themselves.

There is no cost to join the Husse Club

Plus, there are NO minimum amount of products you are required to purchase every month to remain a member. 

 Husse Club is Simple and Profitable

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Husse Club

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