How do I acquire customers?

There are over 150 Million dogs and cats in the United States. 65% of households in the country have pets and 38% of them have more than one. You can find pet owners pretty much everywhere.

Husse franchises grow by convincing these pet owners to switch their pets to our high-quality food and products. Free home delivery is a very attractive part of our business that our customers already love, but it also makes it convenient and easy for new customers to try us out.

Our web store expands on that convenience by allowing customers to place orders from their smart phones, tablets or personal computers 24 hours a day.

There are several ways Husse franchisees acquire new customers:

  • Engaging pet owners while they walk their pets. Dog parks, dog beaches, local community events, pet contests, etc.
  • The Husse car is a very powerful marketing tool. The attractive design and distinctive logo draws the attention of potential customers and helps in spreading word of mouth.
  • Our shop-in-shop program allows franchisees to set up a promotional tent in a non-competing retail area (Community malls, etc), and present our system and products to thousands of potential customers.
  • Actively participate in community events by placing a promotional tent and offering free samples.
  • The website, internet and direct marketing efforts put forth by the master franchisee bring leads that are transferred to the local franchise, supporting business in your territory.

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